How to Use Problem Steps Recorder- PSR in Windows?

Windows have an application called the Steps Recorder (now Problem Steps Recorder) that allows you to document all of the possible actions that you have done on your Windows computer.

PSR is a combination keylogger, screen capture, and annotation tool for Windows. It’s used to quickly and easily document actions made on a computer for troubleshooting purposes.

Important: PSR is a program that must be manually started and stopped by you. PSR does not run in the background and does not collect or send information to anyone automatically.

PSR Availability

PSR is only available in Windows 10, Windows 8 (including Windows 8.1), Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent Microsoft provided program available for Windows Vista, Windows XP, or other Microsoft operating systems prior to Windows 7.



  • PSR doesn’t record text that you type (such as a password), except for function and shortcut keys.
  • Some programs, like a full-screen game, might not be captured accurately.
  • For touch-enabled computers, swipe from the right side of the screen to reveal the Charms bar with the system commands.
  • The PSR would appear at the top of your screen.

Before starting

It is important to take note of the functionalities found on the PSR application before you start using it:

  •  Start Record – Click this button to enable recording.
  •  Stop Record – Click this to stop recording.
  •  Add Comment – Click this to add text during recording.
  •  Help – Click this for additional information about the PSR.

It is also recommended to double check the settings of the PSR to ensure that they fit your preferences.


  • Output File – allows you to choose the specific destination where you can save the recorded file.  When you set a default output file, you won’t be able to have a preview of the recording.  The default output file should also be in .zip format.
  • Enable Screen Capture – click Yes to allow screen captures during recording.  This option is enabled by default.  If you have personal information that might be captured while recording, select No.
  • A number of recent screen captures to store – sets the number of screen captures that can be included in the recording.  You may set a higher number if you are doing a lengthy documentation.

Here are some additional reminders regarding the PSR feature:

  • The application will not be able to include anything that you type in during the recording.  Thus, it is important to add comments to emphasize your instructions.
  • If your recording involves applications like a full-screen game, there are chances that all the necessary parts that you need will not be properly documented.
  • If you are using two (2) monitors, both of them will be captured during the recording.  However, it is recommended to use one monitor while documenting the steps.


  • Any settings you adjust here are temporary—they go back to the defaults when you close and reopen the program.

How to record and save steps on your computer?

Step: 1

To open PSR, select the Start button, and then select Windows Accessories > Steps Recorder (in Windows 10), or Accessories > Problem Steps Recorder (in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1).


Type the following command in the search in run box (Windows key + R) and then hit the Enter key or press the OK button


Step: 2

SelectStart Record.

Step: 3

Go through the steps to reproduce the problem you’re trying to diagnose. You can pause and resume the recording at any time.

Step: 4

(Optional) As you record, selectAdd Comment, use your mouse to select the part of the screen that you want to comment on, type your comment, and then select OK.

Step: 5

When you’re done, selectStop Record.

Step: 6

Review the record of the steps you followed to make sure it shows what you want it to show. SelectSave, name the .zip file, choose where to save it, and then select Save. Now you can attach and send this .zip file to the person helping you troubleshoot the problem on your PC. It can be viewed in any web browser.

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